There will never be enough praise for the team, but can we also just thank god for the sass master that is Luis Enrique?

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barça has lately given me so many reasons to be proud of them. i can’t even count how many games in a row i have watched with feeling huge joy and pride. 

Ivan Rakitic Goal Levante vs Barcelona 0 -2 , 21.09.14 

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Messi finds a goal while picking his nose


Messi finds a goal while picking his nose

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For the first time in history, Barcelona have started the Liga with 4 wins and 0 goals conceded. 


*forgets how to react when team concede because they don’t*

top of the table

all 12 points

no draws or losses

no goals conceded so far

defence actually defending

what a time to be alive in fc barcelona

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It had to happen.

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I love it when Pedro just pops one in and reminds everyone that he still actually has an importance in the team